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Ferrous Sulphate
Ferrous Sulphate

Ferrous Sulphate

Basic Information:

Product Name: Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate or Heptahydrate

Chemical Formula: FeSO4•nH2O(n=1 or 7)

Formula Weight(n=1): 169.92 g/mol

Formula Weight(n=7): 278.01 g/mol

HS CODE: 2833291000

Place of Origin: China

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Product Description:

Ferrous Sulphate contains Ferrous Sulphate monohydrate and heptahydrate with the appearance of Off-white Powder and Light Green Crystal Powder or Granule, respectively, which is a byproduct when producing the Titanium Dioxide using sulfuric acid to decompose the ilmenite. It can be used in agriculture as fertilizer and feed additive to supply Micronutrients Ferrous.

Guaranteed Specifications:HG/T 2935-2006


Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate


Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate



Off-white Powder or Granule

Light Green Crystal Powder or Granule


91.4%min (n=1)

98%min (n=7)

Fe Content



Particle Size(2-4.75mm, If Granule)



10 ppm max


10 ppm max


5 ppm max


10 ppm max


10 ppm max


Ferrous Sulphate is a byproduct of producing Titanium Dioxide and it can be made using sulfuric acid to decompose the ilmenite and then the process of cooling and recrystallization.


In agriculture, this fertilizer is inexpensive and is mainly used for foliar spraying to adjust the pH of the soil, promote the formation of chlorophyll caused by iron deficiency in flowers and trees.

In feed additive, it can be used as ferrous supplement for livestock and poultry to prevent iron deficiency anemia and its complications, and besides can enhance the immune function and promote growth.


We effectively solved the problem of the caking of fertilizer by improving the appearance and quality of packages such as the thickness of inner bags, the tightness of bags and loading capacity of outer bags.

All kinds of customized packages can be provided according to customer’s requirements.

  • 25 Kg/50 Kg Laminated woven bags
  • 500Kg/600 Kg/1000 Kg/1200 Kg bulk bags
  • 20 Kg/25 Kg PE Valve bags or PE heated sealed bags
  • 20-27 MT loose or on pallet in containers

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