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Organic Potassium(K)

Organic Potassium(K)

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Natural Potassium Sulphate (BIO-SOP) EOS/NOP
Natural Potassium Sulphate (BIO-SOP) EOS/NOP
Natural Potassium Sulphate (BIO-SOP) EOS/NOP
Natural Potassium Sulphate (BIO-SOP) EOS/NOP

Natural Potassium Sulphate (BIO-SOP) EOS/NOP

Basic Information:

Product Name: Natural Potassium Sulphate or Sulphate of Potash (BIO-SOP)

Chemical Formula: K2SO4

Formula Weight: 174.24 g/mol

HS CODE: 3104300000

Place of Origin: China

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Product Description:

Natural BIO-SOP is a white or off-white crystal powder or Granule. Generally, its potassium content (K2O) is 50% to 51%. It is easily dissolved in water and is a kind of chlorine-free and fast acting water soluble fertilizer for various crops and can be applied to base fertilizer, topdressing, seed fertilizer and foliar fertilizer.


  • A pure natural potassium fertilizer for all crops especially in organic agriculture.
  • Stable physicochemical property, Low moisture absorption and hardly caking.
  • It is a necessity for crops which are sensitive to chloride such as many fruit plant such as tobacco, grapes and various fruit trees, etc.
  • A main raw material of high quality NPKs compound fertilizer.
  • Potassium ions (K+) can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops.
  • It is a chemically neutral, physiologically acidic fertilizer and suitable for a variety of soils and crops.

Guaranteed Specifications:GB/T20406-2017


Pure Natural Soluble Grade Potassium Sulphate


White or Off-white Crystal Powder or Granule

K2O Content


S Content


Cl Content(Cl-)


Free Acid(H2SO4)




Size (2-4mm)



We effectively solved the problem of the caking of fertilizer by improving the appearance and quality of packages such as the thickness of inner bags, the tightness of bags and loading capacity of outer bags.

All kinds of customized packages can be provided according to customer’s requirements.

  • 25 Kg/50 Kg Laminated woven bags
  • 500Kg/600 Kg/1000 Kg/1200 Kg bulk bags
  • 20 Kg/25 Kg PE Valve bags or PE heated sealed bags
  • 20-27 MT loose or on pallet in containers

Production Process:

  • The Natural Grade BIO-SOP powder can be obtained by the salt-water system using the salt lake brine as the raw material.
  • The Natural BIO-SOP granule can be made by the corresponding powder using double roller extrusion granulator.

For the production flowchart of Natural Potassium Sulphate (BIO-SOP), Please refer to the attachment.

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