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Cobalt Sulphate

Cobalt Sulphate

Basic Information:

Product Name: Cobalt Sulphate

Chemical Formula: CoSO4•nH2O(n=1 or 7)

Formula Weight(n=1): 173.0 g/mol

Formula Weight(n=7): 281.1 g/mol

HS CODE: 2833299010

RIDADR: UN 3082 9/PG 3

Place of Origin: China

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Product Description:

Cobalt sulphate contains cobalt sulphate monohydrate and cobalt sulphate heptahydrate which is a pink crystalline powder and can be dissolved in water and methanol. For the usage, it is mainly used as a feed additives, drier for ceramic glazes and paints, as well as for electroplating, alkaline batteries, production of cobalt-containing pigments and other cobalt products, as well as catalysts, analytical reagents, tire adhesives, lithopone additives, etc.

Guaranteed Specifications: HG/T 3775-2005


Feed Grade Cobalt Sulphate


pink crystalline powder

Water of crystallization




20.5% min

33.0% min

Water Insoluble Matter

0.02% max



3ppm max

5ppm max


10.0ppm max

20.0ppm max

Fineness(passing 800 um mesh)

95% min


Fineness(passing 280 um mesh)


95% min


The Cobalt sulphate heptahydrate can be produced by reacting the raw materials containing cobalt such as metal cobalt, cobalt oxide, cobalt trioxide, cobalt furnace slag with mixed acid such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid after the process of concentration, crystallization, separation and purification. The cobalt sulphate monohydrate can be prepared by cobalt sulphate heptahydrate after heating and dehydrating.


In feed industry, it is a nutritional fortifier to supply cobalt element, which can be used to prevent and treat animal anemia, improve blood volume and the ability of blood to transport oxygen. And besides, it has a good preventive effect on animal's appetite decline, severe weight loss, diarrhea, reduction of milk production and breeding ability, and calf death.


We effectively solved the problem of the caking of fertilizer by improving the appearance and quality of packages such as the thickness of inner bags, the tightness of bags and loading capacity of outer bags.

All kinds of customized packages can be provided according to customer’s requirements.

  • 25 Kg/50 Kg Laminated woven bags
  • 500Kg/600 Kg/1000 Kg/1200 Kg bulk bags
  • 20 Kg/25 Kg PE Valve bags or PE heated sealed bags
  • 20-27 MT loose or on pallet in containers

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